We are The Tired Catholic Parents

Get to know Dave and Debbie Cowden – the Tired Catholic Parents!

Hey there – we’re Dave and Debbie Cowden, and we’re tired Catholic parents.

We have three kids under the age of 6, we both work, and we live in Ohio. Dave is a convert and Debbie is a lifelong Catholic. We’re doing our best to get ourselves and our children to heaven, but it’s tough when we’re pulled in all different directions.

Through parenthood, we’re given the ultimate responsibility of participating in the creation of life AND doing good with those little lives once they’re here.

But it’s really hard. We’re sleep-deprived, mentally drained, and stretched thin. Sound familiar?

In talking with our other tired Catholic parent friends, we realized they were struggling too. And it’s nothing to be ashamed of – raising little saints is hard work!

Why are we here?

  • To offer concrete tips to grow in holiness in your state of life.
  • To provide a variety of prayers and devotions for your family to pray together.
  • To assist you in reorienting your life around the sacraments and our Catholic faith.
  • To share some humor about the beautiful, chaotic gift of family given to us by God.

We hope you’ll join us!

Please be assured of our prayers for you, fellow Tired Catholic Parent. You are not in this alone! May the grace and peace of our good God be with you as you begin this journey and may He grant you the patience and the perseverance to lead your family to Him.

In Christ,
Dave and Debbie Cowden

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