The Family That Crafts Together, Stays Together

This weekend our six-year-old, Gigi, attended a craft show with me. We’ve been making polymer clay earrings together since January of 2021, and it was her first in-person craft show. We also sold the rosary wrap bracelets and St. Michael Chaplet bracelets that Dave, Gigi, and I have been making – AND copies of our book, “The Prayer Book for Tired Parents.”

We were warmly received at the local Catholic Church who hosted the craft show, and it was a perfect place to feature ALL of these items!

And while I expected to teach Gigi about the ins-and-outs of craft shows, there was a lot SHE taught ME!

Most people are not scary (I don’t know why I am such an introvert. An outgoing introvert, but an introvert).

Most people are happy to celebrate your accomplishments with you.

Most people just want to be talked to like ordinary people, not customers.

…And new friends are just a smile away!

The process of crafting has brought Gigi and me together in a lot of ways, but this weekend I’m particularly thankful for the time spent with her, celebrating “firsts” together – first craft show and first lost tooth! – and thankful for the opportunity to celebrate the fruits of our labors together!

If you’d like to purchase earrings from Gigi’s Earring Shop, visit our Etsy store OR send me a message. There’s still time for them to arrive before Christmas Day as well as during the Christmas Season.

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