Seeing Our Book In-Person for the FIRST TIME! + Gratitude for an Amazing Boss

When I walked in to the EWTN Religious Catalogue Gift Shop, I was THRILLED to see this display of “The Prayer Book for Tired Parents,” – it’s WILD seeing your book in real life, in a real store, with real people buying it!

What also was amazing to see was our book displayed next to Michelle Johnson’s “Walking the Way of the Cross for Caregivers.” Michelle happens to be my BOSS, and also my ROLE MODEL for Catholic women in media. She has decades of experience as a journalist and Director of Communications, and she not only hired me to work for EWTN’s Communications department following the birth of our first child, she also mentored me in social media marketing and writing for digital media, which was not my strongest skill (versus TV production, script writing, etc.).

Dave and I never could have imagined that a boss could become a spiritual mother, yet that is exactly how Dave and I would describe Michelle. She is sensitive to the unique needs of our family, to the trials we’ve faced, and her unwavering support is a huge reason I’ve been able to work full-time from home for Mother Angelica’s important mission for nearly seven years.

And if you look at the content of each of the books, there’s a lot in common – both are written for people caring for their loved ones (at the beginning of life and at the end of life); both highlight the fruits of suffering in a particular state in life; and both challenge readers to make the best of the situation God has given them, that this is the means by which they will be sanctified – as they’re preparing their loved ones for heaven, they’re preparing their OWN souls too!

It’s truly an honor to have Michelle in our lives, and an honor to be featured alongside her as we strive to build up the Body of Christ one family at a time.

There’s a lot of heart, prayer, and tears that went into each of these books, and I hope you are able to benefit from both.

The Cowdens love you, Michelle, and we are eternally grateful to God for you!

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