God Gives You the Intellect and Will to Choose Holiness (The Possibility Mom LIVE)

I have been following Lisa Canning (AKA The Possibility Mom) for a few years now, and I’ve always admired her as a mother of “many,” who shows fellow moms how to find joy in their motherhood and fulfillment in their vocation.

Honestly, she makes it look easy to raise her nine children, but she doesn’t shy away from the difficult elements. In a world that pits working mothers against their kids, she helps women achieve work-life balance; helps them discover their God-given gifts; and trains them in the practical steps to be successful.

So you can see how complementarity of The Possibility Mom and The Prayer Book for Tired Parents:

  • Both offer a radically different message to parents than what the world gives (that somehow children and careers are incompatible, or that it’s impossible and antiquated to desire holiness in today’s world).
  • Both bring to light the challenges of parenting (that seem to be universal, though not enough people are talking about them).
  • And both offer PRACTICAL steps to overcome struggles and become the parents you were called to be!

What an honor to have Lisa invite me to The Possibility Mom LIVE to talk about not only “The Prayer Book for Tired Parents,” but also some of the struggles Dave and I faced when writing the book – namely, our neighbor’s house fire causing an extended displacement from our home, and all the crosses that came with that. Oh, how I wish “The Prayer Book for Tired Parents” existed in-full back then!

You can replay the live stream on YouTube or Facebook:

Lisa, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for the time we spent together, and thank you for being a role model for moms like me!

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